Homemade Jam, Jelly, Preserves

About Dakota Seasonings

Amberland Foods Dakota Seasonings started its journey through the local bakery on Main Street in Harvey, ND and has been in business since 1988.

The business has grown and has added may new products throughout the years.

In 2015 the business was purchased by Open Door Center in Valley City, ND, a private, not-for-profit Corporation. Celebrating 60+ years of viability, the Open Door Center provides day, residential and vocational services for people with disabilities including children and adults with developmental disabilities, adults with mental illness and people with traumatic brain injury.

Amberland Foods Dakota Seasonings provides jobs to the people served by Open Door Center. ODC is founded on the philosophy that all people are capable of learning and growing. Assistance is provided to help each person develop skills that will allow them to be as independent at possible. We believe each person should be treated with respect and dignity and that all people regardless of their disability, have equal rights as citizens.

“It’s not what we do for them, but what we can teach them to do for themselves.”

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